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Welcome to eXeL@B!

eXeL@B is a Russian Speaking Portal for Crackers and Reversers, by far the largest site on the Russian Internet on the subject of RE/Cracking. eXeL@B is not a Crack-Team, it is a site dedicated to education, developed and maintained by Russian Cracker "Bad_guy" <>
Unfortunetely, The majority of the content housed here is for those who are Russian speaking, Below you will find my english section, which may be of interest to you:
  • eXeL@B Forum (with 100% english-translated engine)
    This is the most popular part of our site. We have hundreds of visitors daily at our forum. Here you can ask a cracking question, make a request about cracking your favorite program, or share you experience with amazing Russian cracking community.

  • Crack Tools
    Over 100 crack-tools can be downloaded here, downloads in section "Download"("Skachat") are free:

  • eXeL@B DVD
    This is a huge collection of the best tools available to crackers, programmers and reversers. eXeL@B DVD - is a unique and usefull tool and can be shipped to any country or address or you can download it after buy. Here you can find details -

  • Crackme collection
    To help you understand the tools and process needed to master the art of RE we host a number of crackmes from varios sources here: (there you can test your skills with crackmes created by me (Bad_guy) also)

  • Links
    Our links lead you to some of the best and most comprehensive knowledge sources on the topic of Reverse Engineering you can find them here:
You may have noticed google has .RU 2 .EN support and you can translate our russian pages into english.

Follow the link:

You can write me in English... may be i'll understand ;)
Bad_guy <>

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